CrossTrades and Logit One launch strategic partnership for digital logistics networks

Logistics networks organization CrossTrades OBL and SaaS provider Logit One have announced their strategic partnership in the area of digitized logistics processes.

The ambition of CrossTrades OBL is to provide its members with a digital platform that enables central purchasing power, network management (communication & data exchange) and collaboration features (planning & execution). The digital platform will offer their users different multimodal transport solutions in real time and intelligent supply chain visibility.

The system is able to suggest improvements to individual users in order to lower costs, optimize rates and routes for their customers. This unique platform proves without a doubt that it is smarter to join than to compete. By data mining the processes executed on the platform, machine learning technologies will be facilitated.

For Logit One, this cooperation allows to fundamentally extend its service offering. Frank Knoors: “Our SaaS [Software as a Service] platform has been developed over the last 4 years with the help of our launching customers. Before our cooperation with CrossTrades we were able to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility and adaptive planning & execution to forwarding companies and direct shippers. Now we will be able to provide these added values on network level where efficient & resilient end-to-end logistics processes can be managed through the collaboration of multiple forwarders – each bringing in their own unique footprint and field of expertise.”

Rik Spruyt: “The main idea behind this partnership is to provide our members with all the tools they need to work smarter together. Network thinking and collaboration is the best guarantee to cope with the challenges ahead in this time of disruption. And it’s all about helping our end customers to deal with their own supply chain challenges, and offering them smart solutions, as well as intelligent visibility and adaptive planning tools”.

The partnership was announced during the CrossTrades OBL members meeting in Dubai 26-29 November. With over 100 participants, the key topic was ‘global delivery with local expertise’.

About CrossTrades OBL:

CrossTrades OBL resulted from the recent merger of logistics networks organizations Ocean Bridge Lines (Singapore) and CrossTrades (Hong Kong) – having Rik Spruyt, Gosselin, Syntrans and Ahlers as shareholders. The newly founded network CrossTrades OBL will be representing 70 partners with close to 200 offices worldwide.

Your press contact: Mr. Rik Spruyt, +66 972 098928,

About Logit One:

Logit One was founded in 2013. With 45 employees in Belgium and India, we offer intelligent SaaS services so that our customers can derive the maximum benefits from a digitized logistics process. To achieve this, we bundle solutions for end-to-end visibility, planning and collaboration within a multimodal environment, and freight network management. Logit One is the technology partner for the Central Booking Platform (CBP) in Belgium.

Your press contact: Mr. Frank Knoors, +32 14 570 604,

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