In 2013, Logit One NV was founded by Frank Knoors (Managing Director), Bernard van Hoorde (Operations Director) and Vasu Suram (Technical Director), resulting from the management buy-out of Logit Systems AS (Norway). As from then we developed operational and scaleable SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions in the area of end-to-end visibility, collaboration and logistics network management - together with our launching customers.

Since 2000, Logit Systems AS had developed solutions for door-to-door transport chain management and operational fleet management. As from 2010, a transition took place from individual projects to more generic scaleable services, starting with a multi-modal freight visibility service. In 2011, the Indian subsidiary incorporated which became Logit One Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Frank founded Sequoyah NV in Belgium in 1993, a consultant and architect with focus on e-commerce and business process re-engineering, over time specializing in port information systems and multi-modal transport & logistics. This resulted in an intensive collaboration between Sequoyah NV and Logit Systems AS as from 2005.