The platform

The Logit One Platform (L1) for collaborative transport coordination, intermediation & visibility:

  • Manages multimodal processes with a footprint on ocean freight
  • Focuses on contracted carrier rates, but can be integrated to spot marketplaces
  • Is independent, so we do not take commercial ownership of contracted rates
  • Provides a walled-in environment for a group of authorized shippers, LSPs, carriers
  • Establishes full data integration between these parties

Three layersWe are not replacing existing operational systems, but rather provide additional solutions at the edge of rich data usage and smart decision-making.

L1 gives you the tools to become more competitive and innovative by organizing your alliances and planning & executing agile, flexible, optimal and collaborative logistics processes. Each of the layers in the platform has been developed with an industrial launching customer, in order to make sure these were fully operational and scalable. More on that in the section on Success stories. The functional content of the platform is highlighted in the section on Solutions, while the technological underpinnings is described in the section on Technology.


L1 is no Digital Freight Exchange (DFE): We do not provide a marketplace. We do not take commercial ownership of contract rates, but we can support our customers to interface to DFEs in order to use their spot rates or provide them with (prices of) end-to-end offerings.

L1 is no Transport Management System (TMS): With our focus on end-to-end process coordination – be it for planning, visibility or freight cost management purposes – we enhance, not replace TMS solutions.

L1 is no Digital Port Community: We are not port centric but recognize the unique roll of ports as focal points in world-wide logistics. We will therefore establish strategic partnerships with main seaports and inland hubs, as we have done with NxtPort in the Port of Antwerp.