Our mission

Empowering Logistics with Intelligence™
Logit One’s mission is to translate data into real-time insights for decision makers while still enabling and supporting basic operations. We boost efficiency and improve customer experiences across the supply chain. By capturing the value of innovative technologies, we contribute to their bottom line and enhance their sustainability targets. Our unique approach and roadmap is:

1) We utilize digitization to facilitate a true step change in your operational efficiency: Avoiding manual work, acquiring timely insights that support pro-active decisions, making cost-effective choices, etc.

2) We enable you to realize new commercial opportunities: Differentiating your services, enhancing your core services with digital components (or enabling new services), managing your vendors, building network advantages, etc.

3) We achieve this by - if desired, customized - application of our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions, keeping a focus on the following 4 pillars:

  • Use rich data: Unlock the potential of visibility
  • Decision support: Planning for efficient & sustainable logistics
  • Collaborate in agile networks: Think global, act local
  • Automate your processes: Focus on exceptions & be resilient

In the end we help you to innovate, implementing a coherent digital game plan, step by step. We Customize our solutions to your challenges, and provide operational support services to ensure quality and take-up. You will deliver on your customer's expectations.