One global village

Our global village is facing a health crisis that requires our best knowledge, technology, leadership and persistence to mitigate the impact on people's lives, on the economy and not the least on worldwide supply chains. As Logit One we would like to express gratitude to all people that do their best in every aspect of society, in the spirit of community and solidarity.

Logit One has taken measures to be able to work from decentralized home locations without disrupting our services. Our organization is per definition decentralized. With staff in Europe and India, we run business processes that are not location specific and use internet-based tools in every aspect of our organization. Based on these tools we have implemented a resilient approach for delivering our SaaS services and interact with our customers and suppliers. We have learned to do this over the past 7 years, and it has become a routine.

Over the last year our solutions have become mature and scalable, as testified by our customers. Technically and financially we are on a long-term and flexible growth path, with a stable & motivated workforce, and the ability to support our customers where needed. As Logit One, you can count on our continuity. We will be in touch with our customers to offer our support in order to address emerging requirements and concerns.

We would like to thank everyone who cares for those in need and works for continuity of our essential infrastructure and processes. We wish you all much strength to do what's required in coming weeks and months, in your work and at home. When we have gone through this challenge, our global village will have changed in character – more 'together' perhaps instead of merely 'connected'. It may trigger positive leapfrog changes in our thinking that were not imaginable before.

Frank Knoors


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