Logit One acquisition by Transporeon

Logit One acquisition by Transporeon strengthens end-to-end visibility and predictive transportation to all transportation modes

End-to-end visibility and predictive transportation just took a big step forward!

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Logit One NV - an industry leading technology provider in the field of Ocean Visibility - by Transporeon. Logit One offers international visibility and end-to-end multimodal planning capabilities in real time and is a great extension of Transporeon Sixfold Visibility and Tracking portfolio.

Transporeon's mission is to bring transportation in sync with the world - powering the largest global freight network of 1,200 shippers, 100 large retailers plus 120,000 logistic service providers and carriers.

Existing Logit One customers will benefit from integration with the overland visibility and transport execution capabilities offered by Transporeon, as well as from the further scaling and professionalization of our services.

With this leap forward in ocean tracking — and in tandem with Transporeon Sixfold — Transporeon will become the first platform to provide an integrated multimodal visibility solution.

Logit One's multimodal planning helps to improve capacity utilization and ultimately reduce the carbon footprint, and to synchronize ocean and overland transportation.

We are very excited about this step because we share a common vision and this will bring our solutions to a worldwide market!

Learn more about this acquisition HERE.


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