Our ►vision is to turn truly innovative ideas for logistics into operational services - combining logistics, business process and IT expertise.

The Logit One™ ►mission is to enable logistics actors (shippers, forwarders, carriers, ports and terminals, beneficial cargo owners) to implement services and communities to support easy-to-use:

  1. End-to-end logistics planning & visibility
  2. Vertical and horizontal collaboration
  3. Sharing of information within supply chains

Our key values are the quality & efficiency of our human resources, the agile organization of our company, and an honest way of working with our customers and partners. The company branding strategy underlines our focus on consolidated information services that allow a variety of logistics actors to collaborate towards holistic solutions & shared benefits.

Our customers have individual operational processes that result from yearlong experience and optimisation. Our value added services extend your present operational processes. Part of our business model is to use preferential relationships with strategic customers and develop revenue-sharing mechanisms that support your go-to-market strategy.

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