Network management for CrossTrades OBL

“Our ambition is to provide our members with a digital platform that enables central purchasing power, network management (communication & data exchange) and collaboration features (planning & execution). The digital platform offers users end-to-end multimodal transport solutions in real time and intelligent supply chain visibility.

The platform is able to suggest improvements to individual users in order to lower costs, optimize rates and routes for their customers. This unique platform proves without a doubt that it is smarter to join than to compete. By data mining the processes executed on the platform, machine learning technologies will be facilitated.

The main idea behind this partnership is to provide network members with all the tools they need to work smarter together. Network thinking and collaboration is the best guarantee to cope with the challenges ahead in this time of disruption. And it’s all about helping end customers to deal with their own supply chain challenges, and offering them smart solutions, as well as intelligent visibility and adaptive planning tools.”