Our customer

Logit One's solutions are targeted to freight forwarders, 3PLs, 4PLs, logistics departments (shippers, BCOs), or any other party that orchestrates logistics. You provide value-chain solutions and have access to global networks and all transport modes. Digitization could be a severe threat to you, but also your unique chance to secure leading market positions for years to come. We can help you achieve that.

We also work with intermediaries who want to provide shared services to their members, or who want to develop specific collaboration scenarios, e.g.:

  • Networks of freight forwarders aiming to collaborate and jointly compete with big players
  • Groups of shippers that want to pool their cargoflows and jointly operate a control tower
  • Logistics communities around seaports, inland ports, corridors or regions

In addition, we work for existing software vendors or platforms that use our solutions as an add-on to their systems (e.g. TMS). You may want to expand your current scope. Logit One can help you to advance technologically to stay at the edge of rich data usage and smart decision-making. In addition, we can help you running your outsourced software development through our Professional services, having a strong track record with our own development center 'Logit One Technologies' in India.

Our current focus is on logistics that makes use of or connects to ocean freight, and we are expanding further into air freight.