21.06.2018 - Logit One presents on the IPIC 2018 - 5th International Physical Internet Conference in Groningen (Netherlands), showing how to bridge the gap between Physical Internet ambitions and the real world. See Benoit Montreuil's introduction to Physical Internet presentation on TEDx.

24.05.2018 - Logit One participates in the Polish Logistics Congress on Digital Supply Chains, presenting a case study on "Digitization for logistics networks".

11.04.2018 - Final event of the CORE project. Logit One reported on their visibility dashboard as shown in the 'Drugs free import demonstrator' together with coffee trader Efico and Belgian Customs.

4.12.2017 - Logit One presents the CLOUD project at the Midterm Conference NWO Logistics Knowledge Community, bringing together the community of researchers and experts from the Topsector Logistiek, TKI Dinalog, and industry stakeholders.

21.11.2017 - Logit One participates in "co-creation effort” GlobChain. Get involved and learn how to manage, connect and optimize your logistics and supply chain.

14.12.2016 - UIRR and ERFA hold their Workshop on 'Rail Freight Digitalisation'. Logit One delivers a presentation on digitization from a logistics perspective.

15.11.2016 - VEA/AFFA (the Antwerp Freight Forwarders Association) are organizing their 2016 congress on "Reinventing Logistics in a Digital Area". Logit One will participate in the panel discussion.

6.05.2015 - During the iCargo’s Final Event session, organized as part of the Transport Logistics Trade Fair 2015 in Munich (Germany), Logit One will give a presentation on "iCargo - Intelligent cargo: From planning to end-to-end visibility".

12.11.2014 - CLECAT and ESC are hosting a workshop "Intelligent Logistics through Partnering in the Supply Chain” on Intermodal Europe 2014 in Rotterdam. Logit One presents its view on “Innovation through new business models”.

6.11.2014 - CLECAT is hosting its annual Freight Forwarders' Forum 2014, addressing "The Future of Logistics; challenges and solutions explored". Logit One presents its views in the first panel on "Re-inventing business operations – how Big Data changes the supply chain". View the summary of the conference.

26-27.05.2014 - Logit One participates in the "Information Systems for Interconnected Logistics Workshop", organized by the ALICE European Technology Platform on Logistics at Kühne Logistics University in Hamburg. The results of this meeting will provide input to the European R&D Programme Horizon 2020.

14-16.05.2014 - Poznań is going to host another edition of the Polish Logistics Congress LOGISTICS 2014. The theme for this year's edition is "Communication in Supply Chains" that constitutes an important aspect of the efficient flow of goods. Logit One will deliver a case study on visibility together with DHL.

01.04.2014 - Logistics Innovations in Europe: European key players in logistics and supply chain management will share the latest insights, trends, best practices and innovations. Logit One will deliver the presentation "Visibility in ports and multimodal networks, the European perspective". See Dinalog for details.

28.11.2013 – FFF 2013: On 28th November 2013, the yearly Freight Forwarders Forum will take place, now with focus on “Innovative Solutions in Logistics: from Strategy to Reality”.  Frank Knoors will moderate the session “Intelligent Logistics and innovation: Challenges and Opportunities for the Freight Forwarder”.

08.11.2013 - Logistics in 2030 – Challenges and Way Forward: On 7-8 November, a high-profile Logistics Conference took place under the auspices of the European Commission in Brussels. The outcome of discussions will directly feed into the European Commission work in 2014 to develop a logistics strategy in follow-up to the Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan the European Commission had launched in 2007. Lessons learned from COMCIS were presented as part of the e-Freight session („Supporting the change towards more collaborative and flexible freight transport logistics”). See details on the EC Webcast Portal for presentations & videos.

07.11.2013 - DHL Global Forwarding delivered a presentation on the APCS Supply Chain Visibility Seminar on how to improve reliability of supply chains.

25.10.2013 - The 6th ECITL was hosted from the 23rd till the 25th of October 2013 in the Aragon Institute of Technology (ITA) in Zaragoza and was co-organized by the Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC). Frank Knoors presented the business and operational ideas underlying consolidated & interoperable information services. See ECITL for details & downloads.

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