Customer services

The market is abundant with IT vendors in the transport & logistics sector. What makes us standout?

  1. We do not push standard IT boxes through lengthy implementations
  2. We turn innovations for specific logistics processes into real solutions
  3. We help you to create revenue generating business models

The above requires additional services on top of IT development and delivery capabilities. In the below we will zoom in to some of these customer services.

Incremental ►process improvements are very welcome, but our holistic approach also qualifies for more disruptive changes. Even though transport & logistics is a traditional sector that embraces change slowly, the time will come (in our view sooner than expected) in which focus will move to chain-oriented, community based collaborative innovations.

Logit One™ understands the real-world logistics process and has an extensive experience in business process re-engineering (BPR) efforts. We have developed a deep understanding of strategic drives of logistics actors. Based on quantified costs & benefits, we have developed realistic transaction-based ►business models.

Every Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is only as good as its SLA and the way it is being managed. We therefore offer professional ►service management, consistent with ITIL best practices.

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