Logit One™ facilitates secure logistics data exchange in the following key areas:

  1. Publishing and using transport & logistics services
  2. Establishing contracts between providers and clients of services
  3. Reporting on transport status & compliance

We support ►multiple channels, providing a scalable solution offering for small and large companies and for logistic communities:

  • Direct B2B implementations
  • Through an open or closed business community
  • As an online service for smaller companies

Logit One™ uses the so-called ►Common Framework which is incorporated in the Universal Business Language (UBL).

This is grounded in an extensive domain model that is a result of a series of state-of-the-art European projects that continues today in projects like COMCIS & iCargo and will do so in Horizon 2020.

Based on the Common Framework, Logit One™ supports integration with external information systems. This has proven to be efficient. It has been demonstrated to be usable with ►traditional EDIFACT messages within the port community, and is also supported by web interfaces that allow SME’s to join in using these standards.

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