Port flow control and hinterland access

In the competition between ports, a major factor is de-congestion of seaports and ►reliable hinterland connections. Carriers, ports and terminals will increasingly need to handle the following:

  1. Speed up the release & throughput of cargo through the port
  2. Provide the best (time, cost & footprint) hinterland transportation

When Logit One™ is used in this context, one building block is visibility: All functionality is targeted at making transparent when an imported container is ready to be transported to the hinterland. On top comes planning: Based on this knowledge ►synchromodal planning can take place to make use of the best modality, service provider and timeslot.

As a result efficient hinterland transport options can be picked, terminal moves can be optimised, and unnecessary waiting times or empty rides can be avoided.

How can this functionality be used? First of all Logit One™ will enable you to implement your ►carrier/terminal haulage services. This is done with minimum disruption to your present ICT infrastructure. For the cargo flows that use merchant haulage, we will support a community-based approach that allows LSPs and consignees to share information and create mutual benefits.

For a representative case study, see the ECT story and the business case on “Taking the extended gateway to the next level”.

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