Situational awareness in global forwarding

Global forwarders, logistics integrators, shippers and beneficial cargo owners have a ►need for end-to-end visibility that serves the following:

  1. Accurate planning information for the entire supply chain
  2. Avoid problems of data fragmentation, delay and inconsistency
  3. Availability of information services that are usable and affordable

This need arises from the requirement to manage supply chain performance 24/7, achieve visibility across tradelanes, consistency & flexibility in planning, reliability and more efficient cargo flows.

Logit One™ supports this by providing ►situational awareness for containerized ocean freight aimed at improving operational control and enhancing general service levels of the transport. It is a visibility platform that creates an integrated logistics overview across the whole ocean freight transport chain from door to door.

By combining shipment, planning, carrier, terminal, vessel and container data, raw information is turned into situational awareness. Logit One™ enables you to ►build your control tower with minimum disruption to your ICT infrastructure: It is a thin web-based layer on top of your systems, using complementary external data sources, and is independent of complicated messaging interfaces.

For a representative case study, see the DHL story and the business case on “Raising the predictability of ocean freight logistics”.

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