Research & innovation

Logit One and its staff have been at the front of European research & innovation for many years. Below you can find the main projects and the topics addressed (most recent on top):

  • ePIcenter : Flagship project on integrated, multimodal & low-emission freight transport systems and logistics
  • FENIX: European infrastructure (CEF) for logistics information exchange
  • CLOUD: Collaboration & logistics network management
  • CBP: Optimized hinterland management
  • CORE: Data pipelines for resilient & secure supply chains
  • iCARGO: Interoperability standards in logistics
  • COMCIS: Mobilizing freight data via data consolidation
  • SMART-CM: Secure tradelanes for door-to-door container management
  • FREIGHTWISE: Service integration for intermodal transport delivery
  • MARNIS: Maritime navigation information services
  • D2D: Door-to-door transport chain management
  • INTRARTIP: Common framework for intermodal pre-contract information