Advanced planning

Logit One™ supports logistics workflow planning that supports collaboration between providers and clients of logistics services:

  1. Individual logistics providers publish their service offerings
  2. Optimal combination of services for ►door-to-door chains
  3. Optimization criteria can be lead time, costs & carbon footprint

This planning approach can be completely a-modal. Although the user may have certain modal preferences, the planning engine can support an arbitrary choice of (combination of) transport modes – scheduled or not.

In combination with its visibility functionality, Logit One™ supports so-called ►synchromodal planning from specific terminals onwards: Based on the most up-to-date knowledge on the supply chain execution thus far, the rest of the chain can be planned in real-time making a-modal choices, respecting delivery times and optimising use of logistics resources.

In addition to the above, Logit One™ enables multiple shipments to be planned on a logistics network using ►cargo consolidation. This can be used by LSPs handling large amounts of similar shipments, and it allows ‘horizontal collaboration’ between shippers that pool cargo volumes to use environmentally friendly transport alternatives.

Configurable business process can be used to handle the booking process. In the end the aim is to make it possible to use a logistics chain as if it were a single service.

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