Data aggregation

Logit One™ aggregates multiple data sources. Data provided by ►external providers is integrated as part of our service e.g.:

  1. Ocean routes & transit times
  2. Status data from specific transport modalities
  3. AIS to track movements of vessels & barges

We incorporate a proprietary ►web extraction environment that allows us to systematically collect and interpret data that is being published on websites. Some parts of these websites are publicly available, others are being accessed through login credentials after agreement between our customers and their logistics service providers.

This allows us to integrate status data from all major ocean carriers. In particular transhipment data are vital in order to maintain a good view on how ocean services are being executed.

An additional method of data aggregation is the ►sharing of data between individual participants in the supply chain. Each of these participants has valuable data to offer while at the same time benefiting from data shared by others. Through the creation of win-win situations, all sides can be motivated to share data.

Logit One™ integrates IT competence with a profound understanding of logistics, business processes and collaboration models, which is essential for providing solutions that work in the real world.

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