End-to-end visibility

Logit One™ provides ►Visibility-as-a-Service, at a cost that is justified by the benefits created - and with short implementation times:

  1. It requires minimum integration effort with your internal systems
  2. It can run with or without expensive container tracking devices
  3. It is offered at an all-inclusive service fee per unit, with an SLA

This visibility is offered for the ►end-to-end logistics process. It is important knowing where you cargo is. But even more important is which impact this will have on your logistics process and your capability to deliver. Logit One™ offers you the leverage to foresee what’s going to be the impact of disturbances and allows you to take proactive measures.

It is obvious that this information as early as possible is not only valuable for your consignee, but also for all other players in the supply chain: Having more transparency allows them to optimise their activities.

Information is only as good as it is being delivered. Logit One™ presents all this information as a ►single service dashboard. A customisable dashboard delivers the overview and allows you to drill down to all details necessary to take action. You can implement management by exception based on your own configurable settings.

An extensive authorisation module allows usage with multiple separate control towers. In addition we can report back electronically to your in-house systems.

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