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Data analysis & management reporting

In short

BI portalWe are collecting a large amount of commercial & operational data. Within these data there is a huge potential to gather insights that can drive your commercial or operational decisions. Or to support the reporting towards your customers. We integrate a BI component that directs you to high-level understanding and allows you to drill down to the level of individual customers, carriers, ports or time periods.

Use case

Your logistics department has grown considerably over the past years. Do you know where efficiency gains can be achieved? Which carriers have been underperforming on which tradelane? Which quotations were most succesful? Which customers have provided the best margins? How succesful have you been to deliver on your KPIs? How reliable were your ETA forecasts to customers? Did you use information about available empty containers? Maybe it is time to not only grow bigger but grow smarter. Our BI portal (see figure) provides you with the necessary intelligence.