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Invoicing & freight cost control

In short

Since all buying & selling rates can be maintained, we can provide full transparency on the cost & price of all shipments, plans, services and units. As a result, our planning component can drive your customer invoicing as well as validate your supplier invoices. And changes taking place during execution can be used to update them.

Use case

FreightYou are using the financial module in your TMS to handle or your outgoing invoices. How can you safeguard a seamless financial process when using our multi-modal planning component which supports decision making based on rates & margins? From the moment a plan is being executed we transfer back detailed financial data to your TMS such that it is able to update its buying/selling budgets and trigger the invoicing process. In the same way the self-billing process can be initiated. And we can also drive this from our visibility service such that your invoicing cycle is accelerated and used the actual data.