Logistics intelligence

We are overwhelmed by data at an ever-increasing volume, so it is key to turn this into valuable information that can support decision-making. Logit One™ is doing exactly this for logistics by ►consolidating data received from all sides into a global database and linking different data to each other based on logistics knowledge.

In order to increase ►reliability of information, we deploy an innovative process for data quality assurance. This allows us to standardize all external information received, apply cross-checks, and arrive at unambiguous outcomes at to what went on in you supply chain. At the same time this process identifies data conflicts that might require follow-up.

This process will also enhance the completeness of information, as multiple types of raw data may lead to new conclusions that could not be detected directly.

Intelligence can also be community driven. While individual participants in the supply chain can only see that part of the supply chain for which they have operational responsibility, together you can ►look beyond your own boundaries, and this can help you to anticipate supply chain disturbances (or consequences) much earlier.

This ‘vertical collaboration’ requires a mechanism for requesting & approving data sharing. During start-up this will require a dominant player within that community, able to establish critical mass.

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