The Logit One™ services platform provides collaborative workflow management for logistics, and offers as key functionalities:

  1. Operational planning based on time, costs & footprint
  2. Execution of multi-modal logistics chains in your network
  3. End-to-end visibility umbrella over existing systems

Using this services platform we ►enable logistics actors (shippers, forwarders, carriers, ports and terminals, beneficial cargo owners) to implement services and communities to support end-to-end logistics planning & visibility, vertical and horizontal collaboration, and sharing of information within supply chains.

The ►benefits that can be achieved are multitude – reducing safety stocks, speeding up cash cycles, alignment between multiple segments in the supply chain, or more efficient use of transport resources – to name a few.

Logit One™ and our logistics & IT expertise can support you to realise your potential, implement your logistics strategies, establish new levels of collaboration & transparency and create new revenue streams. In short: To become a player that drives new performance levels in logistics and benefits from new services.

Our cooperation model with our customers is that of long-term innovative and reliable partnership. Our technology is of strategic relevance. The knowledge shared is sensitive. Unlock your value!

Our product roadmap vision is explained in this article on data sharing in collaborative communities.

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