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In short

CollaborationOur collaboration component allows you to organize your partner networks and make the communication between partners much easier. Each of the partners is able to publish its service offering to others and to consult their partners’ service offering when preparing for a quotation or handling a shipment. It enables you to develop a truly global footprint – using the local expertise of your partners. Together you form a virtual global logistics player.

Use case

You are based in Australia and member of a forwarders’ network that brings together 70 partners with close to 200 offices worldwide. Your customer sends you an RFQ for a shipment from Sydney to Munich. Will you be able to handle it within the required delivery time? Can you use the ocean services contracted by your network, or are your own rates still better? Can you avoid lengthy and email-based communication to find your European partner and put together a quotation? The figure Collaboration shows that you have an instant global view on your joint capabilities.


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