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Dynamic multimodal planning

In short

Dynamic multimodal planningOur planning component automatically creates the optimal combination of transport services that matches your customer's shipment request from origin to destination. It can be used for global shipments but also for the hinterland part only (from port of discharge or to port of loading). The optimization itself can be done according to your preferred optimization criteria (costs, lead time, footprint) and preferences (mode, carrier, etc.).

Use case

You are handing a shipment from Asia to Europe. Is it cheaper to use Antwerp or Rotterdam as discharge port? Which ocean carrier to best use? What is the impact of surcharges? Do I have a competitive alternative using rail or barge for my on-carriage, compared to road, and still be just-in-time? What is the cost of dropping off my empty container? The figure Dynamic multimodal planning shows that we consider all these decisions. And we can re-evaluate choices for on-carriage depending on your circumstances (ETA, container reuse options), see figure In-transit re-planning.