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Order management and vendor booking

In short

Order managementIn an ever-changing world you are continuously handling new customers, providers and alliances. Your processes need to be agile so that you can integrate them quickly into your operational environment. We provide a toolbox of automated processes for collecting customer orders, sub-contracting to your partners, and dispatching vendor bookings – leveraging the TMS, FMS or ERP systems that you already have in place.

Use case

You are setting up a new retailer customer in Europe who wants to bring hundreds of shippers in South America and their flows into European warehouses under your control. Can you set up a self-organizing portal that captures the shipment data from all these shippers? Can you manage the ocean contract and give the shippers the correct transport instructions? Can you setup customer approvals? Can you give the consignees visibility on the shipments they can expect? Each business process is different – but by making use of our agile process toolbox we can quickly orchestrate a seamless collaborative process between all parties and their existing operational & financial systems.