In short

QuotationOn average it takes 100 hours to provide a simple manual spot quote. For most forwarders, automation and online quotation are not there yet. Our quotation component gives your customers access to an on-line quotation tool where they can enter RFQs and receive your quotations. These quotations can be generated automatically. You remain in control and can review, adjust, publish and update your quotations.

Use case

You have a customer in China who has send you an RFQ for a shipment from Ningbo to the consignee’s warehouse in Germany. When you attend your desk, you are being alerted about this request. Several quotation alternatives have already been prepared for you: Using different carriers, ports of discharge and hinterland options. You can quickly compare the cheapest, the fastest and the greenest. However you remain in control: Adjusting pricing, selecting the alternatives offered to you customer, and restricting the amount of details you want them to see.


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