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Rate management

In short

Rate managementOur rate management component allows you to define rates for any transport & logistics service. Such rates are defined by one or more so-called pricing rules. You can define and maintain these rules for multiple pricing periods in various ways: Using a dedicated user interface, uploading Excel file based on standard templates, sending us XML files with rate data, or using our data support service so that you simply give us your rate sheets.

Use case

You have contracts with ocean carriers, consisting of base rates and lots of surcharges. Additional port/carrier specific terminal charges. Specific contracts with rail or barge operators. Huge origin/destination files from your road haulers. Handling fees for you forwarding and customs services. Some of these rates are changing with high frequency. We allow each of these to be incorporated. They can be provided to us in the way that suits you best. Your users will be able to find their rates very efficiently. Over millions of price points. But a rate is more than its price value: For which customers can they be used, what types of (dangerous) cargo and equipment can be handled, and how can services (and their rates) be stringed together into logistics chains?


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