Advanced technology

Over the years we have developed our platform based on following advanced technologies:

1) Fast integration capabilities with external systems - ranging from XML standards to simple Excel templates
2) Sophisticated web extraction technologies ('web scraping')
3) Synchromodal planning algorithms for optimal end-to-end cost, time & footprint
4) Smart logic for automated process execution, using Physical Internet principles
5) In-line data analytics for anomaly detection & predictive insights, based on artificial intelligence ('AI') and logical inference rules
6) Big data analysis for performance benchmarking and KPI analyses
7) Data sharing within collaborative networks, using blockchain solutions where it adds value to our customers

Software architecture

Our scalable and resilient software architecture is based on:

- An information model for multi-modal logistics, implemented on a non-relational database to support extreme scalability.
- A resilient micro-services architecture that supports large-scale integration of loosely coupled internal and external processes.

This enables an intelligent data platform that lets us digitize your logistics process in line with our mission. Also check out our "architecture documents" that summarize our approach to design & building software solutions and managing the software development process.


You are a data provider?
Logit One integrates data from carriers, terminals, port communities, as well as a variety of commercially available data sources. You have additional data sources that can add value?

You are a software vendor?
Logit One offers an API to integrate your operational system or portal with our platform. This API is used for rates & surcharges, customer orders, vendor bookings, tracking requests and status feedback.

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