Why now?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic is not the first, nor the last, major disruptor to global supply chains. The market is preparing for more diversified supply chains. This requires a supply chain nerve center that acts as a single, authoritative information source, point of contact, and decision-making venue. Logit One is ready to drive your digitization!

In a recent survey, 76 percent of logistics professionals expecting to make major changes in the wake of COVID-19 say that they will invest in technology. COVID-19 will push the industry closer to a future where digitalization is nearly omnipresent. Much of those investments will be focused on automating work processes, allowing employees to work on high-level work. Small and medium-sized forwarders were challenged before COVID-19, but now the big are going to get bigger and the small and medium-sized forwarders are going to go under unless they invested in technology and specialization. Logit One enables your transformation with ready-to-use digitization.